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Flee is an agent-based modelling code used to model (forced) migration and other movements across country borders.

Flee is an agent-based modelling toolkit which is purpose-built for simulating the movement of individuals across geographical locations, released under a BSD 3-clause license.

Flee is currently used for modelling the movements of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), and is being extended to also support the transport of goods, and the spread of infections in that context. It provides users with the ability to define and use their models through a relatively straightforward application programming interface (API). There are a range of functional tests to allow users to verify the consistency of the code results. FLEE also features a range of scripts to handle and convert data, as well as an automated plotting tool for output generated by the simulation.

Supported Use Cases

Goods transport modelling as proxy for epidemics spread and backtracing

Flee can be used to model the transport of goods. The assumption is that once a driver is confirmed to have an infection upon arrival (or her/his transported goods), the Flee code will be used to analyse where (a) the infection could likely have been contracted during the journey and (b) what other kind of spreading may have occured during the remainder of the journey.

Related CM functions

Modelling the movements of refugees and internally displaced persons

Flee can be used to model the movements of refugees and internally displaced persons, e.g. in order to predict possible escalations on the border as well as to direct support activities.

Related CM functions

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