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Tool for crawling, monitoring and processing of web and social media content and users activity

The Web and Social Media Analytics   (WSMA) is a system that gathers data from available social media and web APIs and processes the data in order to compute statistics and indicators of interest for national planners, first responders and other similar stakeholders. The main functions of the WSMA include monitoring the contents, related to a pandemic outbreak, shared on social media, measuring and classifying the polarity expressed by social media users and analysing the flow of news and information on the web. 

The WSMA comprises a web crawling component that streams data into the WSMA components responsible for the analytics. Raw streamed data undergo a first processing and are stored in a database. The processed data can be retrieved and conveniently grouped to allow the WSMA analytics components to compute statistics of interest over a desired time window. Additionally, this database, together with third parties data sources, can be fed to predictive models to allow further insights.  will be able to visualise the analytics and request metrics of interest through a dedicated dashboard (WSMA dashboard). 

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