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Access to processed and analysis-ready Sentinel (Earth Observation) imagery

Earth data provided by the Sentinel satellites are revolutionizing the market of space applications. Sentinel-2A is producing thousands of high resolution scenes every day for almost a year now. These data are now openly accessible and Sentinel Hub service can provide you with high resolution imagery almost instantly after they are made available.

The Sentinel-2A 290km wide swath allows any part of earth surface to be revisited frequently. Mission provides a global coverage of the Earth's surface every 10 days, producing data of great use for several sectors.

Supported Use Cases

Monitoring based on continious satellite imagery

Satellite imagery is revolutionising agriculture and can help European farmers and public authorities take land monitoring to a new level. Service-oriented satellite imagery infrastructure takes care of all the complexity of handling a satellite imagery archive and makes it available for via easy-to-integrate web services.

The results of land monitoring bring significant added value to agriculture, such as using the data to determine all sorts of changes in vegetation, or assessing the impact of a specific measure or project on pesticide use or irrigation.


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