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An app and website for health workers to learn how to stay safe while on the job.

InteleSafe is an app and website for health workers to learn how to stay safe while on the job. It contains,

  • modules for PPE use

  • Infection control measures to reduce spread in healthcare settings

  • PPE alternatives and reuse options during stock outs

  • Provider self- & symptom monitoring

  • WhatsApp helpline for PPE questions

  • Mental health counselling for health workers

We support all types of health workers like - doctors, nurses, community health workers, dentists, lab technicians, cleaning staff, ambulance workers, paramedics. We also provide enterprise login for hospitals to track health status of staff members.

Supported Use Cases

Training for Personal protective equipment (PPE) use

in the form of series of articles and videos to the use of PPE and other personal protection measures for healthcare workers of all cadres - doctors, nurses, midwives, community health workers, sanitation staff, lab staff to name a few.

Related CM functions

Provide self-assessment & symptom monitoring

App functions/features to provision of information for remote self- & symptom monitoring

Related CM functions

Covid-19: remote consultations
Intelsafe mobile app
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