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Real time data on the locaiton, quantity and availability of resources like beds, ventilators, masks and other equiptment.

DataToCare, Alics, and Mediscout have the of integrating multiple diseases (Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis, Meningitis, Flu, etc.) and cover a large range of devices and tests (GeneXpert, Culture, Microscopy, DST, LPA, TB-lamp, Abbott, Roche, Molecular, Rapid-test, etc.).
Our solutions have been used in multiple countries (in Africa, South-East Asia and Europe) and are always customized to the country’s needs.

Supported Use Cases

Resource allocation and planning

Where are ventilators, beds, masks, etc. available around me? How much equipment is needed and where? How to optimally organise my available resources? Simplified resource allocation and patient planning.

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