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Enable collaborative interventions to be planned, implemented and monitored.

Engaging communities in the and to public health challenges is essential. MediScout has been developed as a to enable collaborative interventions to be planned, implemented and monitored.

The principle of MediScout is that program managers (local organizations, national programs or NGOs) build their surveys on the MediScout Web Application and define the precise geographical location where these should to be performed. Community Health Workers located in this particular area uses the MediScout Mobile Application to receive the notification that a new survey should be conducted, to perform the survey and to report the results of the survey.

MediScout can be used for any public health intervention requiring to mobilize local community health workers. The questionnaire can be build with open questions or questions requiring single choice or multiple choices answers. Bio-medical information (age, sex, temperature, weight, symptoms) can be captured together with other kinds of information (socio-economic indicators, exposure to specific risks related to health problems, …). The application further captures automatically the precise GPS coordinates of each interview can generates a unique personal identifier.

MediScout can be used for vaccination campaigns, active case finding activities (tuberculosis, ebola, …) or any outreach public health intervention requiring very close collaboration between field workers and program coordinators.

Supported Use Cases

Active case finding

With MediScout, all the process becomes paper-less, even when interventions are performed in rural areas with no internet connection. You can manage your community health workers remotely and monitor the work of everyone on a map, from your laptop.

Related CM functions

MediScout reporting
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