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DataToCare connects your remote laboratories, provides you with relevant insights through graphics and reports, and manages your inventory and quality maintenance

Today healthcare workers and specialists are faced with big challenges due to the COVID-19 virus. Large numbers of patients testing and treatment while resources are limited which is leading to an overburdened health system. At Savics we have 3 tools that can help in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Our applications have been used in many countries for several years for the surveillance and management of infectious diseases, like TB, HIV, Ebola and now we have adapted our technology to also address the current COVID-19 situation. We can help countries with managing the challenges regarding surveillance and monitoring of COVID-19 in these demanding times, so healthcare workers, laboratories and specialists can focus on where they are needed most, treating patients. Through strong backend algorithms, these tools have the ability to automate data collection, analysis, and reporting and guide decision-makers with accurate data to support their decisions regarding strategy and resource allocation for COVID-19.

Supported Use Cases

Medical data capture

DataToCare connects laboratories tests results and sends the data collected in real time to a national server chosen by the country. The results are available from any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet).

The data capture, reporting, and analysis are customized to your specific country requirements. All software functions are adapted accordingly.


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