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HealthBeats is a global Remote Vitals Monitoring platform designed to bring healthcare to home. Users take their vitals measurement with results transmitted real-time to care providers.

HealthBeatsTM is a Remote Vitals Monitoring product with you (participants and health providers) in mind. We connect you to your health providers through the use of a simple-to-use monitoring platform and regulatory approved devices.

Your health providers will monitor your condition remotely and provide timely advice, gaining you insights and empowering you to take care of your health.

Supported Use Cases

Health Tasks by Provider

Participants take schedule tasks as prescribed by their health providers through the mobile application and their connected devices.

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Health tasks

Chat Support

CareChat revolves the Careteam around a participant. They are able to provide real-time advise to participant.

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Chat support


With data presented in summaries and trends, both participants and health providers can track patterns, identify signs of early symptoms and take proactive actions.

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