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Mobile surveys by text, voice or web

Surveda allows for the collection of survey data from populations via mobile phone by text message, voice call, mobile web and more. Surveda can reach people across different mobile usage styles, languages, demographics and makes it possible to get country representative info at a scale of millions. Additionally, target your survey to collect data among specific age or gender groupings. Surveda allows for the same survey to go out in multiple different ways with all results being aggregated on one data dashboard. 

Ask questions in any language

Use text from any language or dialect and upload your audio files for use in the survey.

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Surveda workflow

Survey across multiple modes

The same survey can be sent out by SMS, IVR mobile web and more, depending use pattern of the target population.

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Maximize response rates

Evaluate performance of surveys and quickly test research hypotheses to determine best approaches to achieving target rates.

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Surveda in action


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