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The s/w to support anyone in a coordinating or management role during an event, incident, emergency, crisis or disaster.

This platform - EMApp - (an app & Command Centre Module) is dedicated to support first responders, incident commanders, managers & event organisers coordinate incidents/events more effectively, communicate with peers, superiors and multi services more efficiently and produce reports more quickly and accurately.

Supported Use Cases

Emergency Management App & Platform - Empowering the Emergency Responder/Manager!

The reason for the app was to bring back the focus of incident management to the ladies and gentlemen ‘actually’ responding to events and incidents.

The philosophy driving EMApp is:

  • train as you fight, fight as you train;

  • stick to K.I.S.S.;

  • do what you know and do best;

  • avoid as much as possible any 'new' procedures, plans and activities;

And by doing the above, we re-empower our incident commanders, managers, first responders, etc, to the point where they can get back to focussing on their and coordination task in the field, based on their education, and experience, instead of a checklist, template or the mere pressure of having to communicate and submit reports.

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Emergency Management App & Platform
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