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Tools and services for responsible innovation and digital ethics.

MoreIT stands for Mobilising Responsible Transformation. It is a research group and consultancy based in the Centre for Mobilities Research, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, UK. Our research focuses on responsible socio-technical in transport, healthcare, public safety and (PPDR). More than 15 years of research in nationally and EU funded projects has produced a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

We have developed a range of research-based services to support collaborative socio-technical innovation and independent, impartial formative and summative with practitioners. We are part of standardisation efforts, for example for semiotic through Terminologies for Crisis and Disaster Management (CEN/WS TER- -2017) and guidance for a digital ethics in collaborative information management through leading the isITethical? Exchange. We have developed creative ethical and privacy impact  methodologies.

Our work integrates standardised methods, such as the SATORI Ethical impact assessment framework (CEN CWA 17145-2 2017), and the DRIVER+ Trial Guidance Methodology. We have expertise in citizen engagement. We combine this with a Societal Readiness Levels Framework to increase the ambition and quality of innovation and thereby the degree to which innovations support acceptance.

Our services help shape responsible innovation, new ways of working and organisational, policy and regulatory transformations for good socio-technical futures in transport, healthcare and Public Protection and (PPDR).

Supported Use Cases

Understand Practitioner Needs

New technologies are often more than simply a  to a problem. They can be transformative, engendering new ways of working. To develop good technology and good new ways of working, it is important to understand practitioners' ways of working and the effects practitioners want to achieve through

MoreIT has a range of methods and services that enable a deep understanding of practitioner needs, and articulation of a vision, including:

  • ethnographic studies of work
  • future workshops with prototypes
  • building tools
  • techniques to support dialogue and mutual understanding of the potential, limitations, and pitfalls of new technology 

This replies to a wide range of CM functions. 

Related CM functions

Prototyping to understand future ways of working

Anticipate and address unintended consequences of innovation

often brings unintended consequences. For example, introducing new ways of logging information about can bring new ways of being accountable and new liabilities. It is important to understand unintended - positive and negative consequences. MoreIT enables concrete ways of anticipating and addressing unintended consequences, including:

  • prototyping
  • formative
  • visioning

This applies to a wide range of CM functions.

Related CM functions

Understanding unintended consequences

Develop innovation with strong digital ethics

Digital in Public Protection and (PPDR) can raise a range of ethical issues, from data protection to issues of trust and social sorting. How are practitioners supposed to manage the footage from body-worn cameras? Who is responsible if a bio-sensor and AI driven triage process fails a victim? How to manage the information overload from digital sources? How to engage with contributions from social media? Through its IsITethical service, MoreIT provides support for responsible digital in PPDR, building on over 15 years of working with practitioners and ICT developers in academia and industry, including:

  • guidance on ethical, legal, and social challenges and opportunities that arise in the design and use of new digital communications networks, devices, services and applications
  • Examples of challenges, including data protection under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), security, surveillance, information overload, accountability, trust, responsibility;
  • Examples of opportunities including improved collaboration, situation awareness, agility, transparency, new partnerships, and learning.
  • creative ethical impact  for useful, high quality, responsible innovation, and continued professional development, a community platform for exchange. 
  • The isITethical Board Game and other serious play methods

These services are useful for a range of CM functions.

Related CM functions

isITethical Board Game

Formative Evaluation of Innovation

Because of changes the way people work, it is important to continuously evaluate the contribution new technologies make. MoreIT works with practitioners and technology developers to provide iterative formative . We provide:

  • standardised and creative ethical and privacy impact
  • adaptations of the Driver+ Guidance Method

These services are applicable to a wide range of CM functions.

Related CM functions

Formative Evaluation

Practitioner Evaluation

Increasingly, requires . MoreIT provides support, tools and methodologies for recruitment of practitioners, activities, and documentation, including:

  • participatory design methods
  • serious gaming 
  • audio-visual documentation
  • debriefing

These apply to a range of CM functions.

Related CM functions

Participatory Design
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