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3Di is a cloud-based versatile water manage­ment instrument that enables flood forecas­ting and risk mapping.

The 3Di hydrodynamic simulation software is fast, accurate and visual. 3Di results present flooding locations, water depths, arrival times and damages in high detail. Moreover, flood  measures can be modelled for their effectiveness. Experts and decision-makers can interact with the model to simulate dike breaches, rain events and storm surges.

The fact that users can create different 's in combination with mitigation measures makes it the go-to instrument for hydrology experts, crisis managers and policy makers working for water authorities and cities around the world.   

Implementing mitigation measures during Trial The Netherlands

The Netherlands  With the objective of involving organisations and actors from all layers of the  management cycle, the DRIVER+ consortium designed a fictional  in which the lock of Scheveningen breaks down due to bad weather conditions combined with technical failure, threatening a large portion of the city’s inhabitants and critical infrastructures. “Of course, the we designed is more than unlikely to occur in reality, but this allowed us to maximise the use of the selected innovative solutions and involve as many organisations as possible in the “ said Régis CE Flohr, Trial Director.

As a flood of this magnitude cannot be handled by the Safety Region Haagland alone, Trial The Netherlands involved many entities and organisations including the police, fire service, medical services, municipality, military, the water authority and electricity company, public transport as well as international organisations such as EUROPOL, EUROJUST and the International Court of Justice. The scenario was subdivided into two distinct phases (threat and impact) during which crisis managers had to optimise the use of the five selected innovative solutions.

- The threat phase was about planning and predicting the flood as well as modelling measures in order to protect vulnerable areas (evacuation planning, protection of critical infrastructures). 

- During the impact phase the model was able to run according to more accurate input values and as such was able to produce more accurate results

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DRIVER+ project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research,
Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement (GA) N° #607798