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As a company independent of any manufacturer, one of our core competencies is to identify technology trends and to evaluate and define innovative products and so­ lutions.

Our range of services includes the consultancy for the creation of complex systems, their planning, installa tion and service as well as the necessary , and the implementation of innovative products. Our solutions are cutting edge and well received by users. We guarantee the maximum compatibility when integrating into existing infrastructures.

In close cooperation with our customers, we prepare a comprehensive solution out of many individual elements that will meet all the requirements of a complex require­ ment. We constantly educate our technicians and engi­ neers to ensure this, and we are always at the leading edge of technology.

Broadcast Solutions represents successful and innovative brands as sales and integration partners – in Europe and internationally. With more than 150 employees and pres­ ence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Broadcast Solutions as a system integrator provides its customers with professional and proven solutions for networked communication.

Supported Use Cases

Communication at disasters and major incidents

Secure, robust and reliable communication is provided by IP ­based mobile ad hoc networks (MANet) that can be quickly established without using any existing infrastructure. These Mesh systems provide

  •  Up to 350 radio nodes that can network amongst themselves
  •  A self­healing system structure
  •  Immediate call establishment (ca. 0.5 s)
  •  Automatic subscriber identification/inclusion in the network
  •  Gateway and relay operation for network coverage in poorly covered areas
  •  Simultaneous voice and data communication
  •   through own power supply
  •  High data transfer rate of up to 100 Mbps
  •  Delivery of video, audio or data from every point at the incident
  •  Data transmission from every radio node
  •  Inclusion of UAVs and UGVs (situation overview)
  •  Decentralised control of all radio nodes in the network

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