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LifeX COP is a web-centric multi-user Solution developed by Frequentis to address the lack of a Common Operational Picture in the field of Crisis Management.

LifeX COP is able to collect information from various data sources (static or dynamic) and present them in a map-centric user interface.

The main functionalities of the LifeX COP are:

  • Map the hazards per geographic area: The presents all information related to an event in a map: incidents, alerts, resources, observations and sensor data; added manually and/or automatically. Information is organised in layers that can be changed individually (show/hide, sort and set their transparency).
  • Detect pending emergencies and provide early warning: The COP receives CAP messages from external systems via feeds
  • Maintain shared situational awareness: Based in a Server-Client architecture, all information becomes immediately available for all users: info layers are automatically refreshed. The COP allows multiple clients to access to the WEB GUI for tactical and operational users. Users can add information (observations, alerts, resource , …) related to an incident, which can be shared among the rest of users.

Information is presented both in a map view and a list view and can be filtered and searched for. In terms of visual design, the graphic user interface is very dynamic allowing the user to decouple windows (map and list) to be arranged in a multi-monitor operation center.  Technically, the LifeX COP handles the following formats input formats: CAP, EDXL, EMSI

Supported Use Cases

Display situational awareness

As decision maker in management, I want to get an overview over the general situation (affected areas, critical infrastructure, forecasts …) and information about current events and activities (incidents, hazards, resources and capabilities, operation areas …).  Overview information shall be graphically represented on a situation map, and datails listed in a way that information can be filtered and searched. The presented information has to be as up-to-date and accurate as possible. 

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