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EuroSIM is a European Space Agency (ESA) funded Information Management/Situational Awareness tool complete with intrinsic - & long used/refinement by 2 the leading NATO militaries - modelling and simulation algorithms with in-built service affordability

EuroSIM is a next generation service-based Information Management, situational awareness and decision support aimed at incident , planning and in a typically CBRN/HazMat environment.

There are no hardware requirements with EuroSIM functioning via desktop, handheld and mobile phone devices. Deployment is extremely rapid giving near global coverage with operation either via secure cloud based hosting or local secure servers, depending upon User preference, sensitivity and level of security requirement.

EuroSIM provides with existing GIS systems and incorporates space based data service provision which then allows for rapid automated acquisition, fusion and updating of input data streams. These services include urban geography, meteorology data, land usage classification, terrain height, high resolution satellite imagery and video data as well as near real-time dynamic population density and movement.

The suite of automated modelling capabilities intrinsic to EuroSIM include tools which have been proven extensively via long use by two of the leading NATO militaries covering Urban Dispersion Modelling, Indoor Dispersion Modelling, Indoor/Outdoor Exchange Modelling, Sensor Data Fusion/Source Term Estimation and Optimal Sensor Placement. Each of these tools are also amongst those which jointly comprise the Hazard , Simulation and Prediction – or “HASP” – suite which is also available separately (both singly and jointly) for the first time outside of that longstanding very small group of NATO military Users for both wider military – i.e. elsewhere within and outside of NATO – and civil/First Responder use. Any or all of the HASP suite elements might therefore also be of interest in their own right to a User who might already have a sophisticated decision support, situational awareness or information management system in place and just needing to benefit from such a proven state-of-the-art backroom plug-in. 

The Modelling & Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) aspect of EuroSIM means that for the first time Users will have the bonus of access to already extensively used and trusted tools available on an extremely affordable basis, giving them customisable service and pricing options which can range in scale from ‘pay-as-you-go’ to annual subscriptions, enabling a wide range of affordability options to suit just about every budget.

Supported Use Cases

information Management; Decision Support; Situational Awareness

Provides a hardware agnostic  for Information Management, Decision Support &/or Situational Awareness, with intrinsic simulation and modelling algorithms and creating in the process a multi-agency Log.

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