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Multi-purpose, flexible terminal for broadband communication over satellite and local area networks

The NoSaCo® Rack is the ideal for humanitarian teams, European civil protections or other long term deployments requiring in-field broadband internet access during relief or on remote sites. The NoSaCo® Rack is deployed for .lu as an end-to-end in conjunction with ranger and disposable 2,4 m C-band antennas. A waterproof modem has been directly mounted on the antennas to keep the RF-cable length at a minimum. As a result, the included 12 m network cables can be used to place the NoSaCo® Rack under shelter, while the modem and antenna remain outside. The deployment kit offers high performance twoway communications providing up to 8 Mbps bandwidth (based on beam setup) for data, video and voice transmission.

The terminal is pre-configured and offers “out-of-the-box” network, security, quality of services and access control. It has been developed to allow fast and user-friendly on-site installation. The components arranged therein have been selected with focus on reliability and durability. NoSaCo® Rack uses a revolutionary design able to resist shocks and adverse temperature conditions (0-50°C), optimized for transport and shipping.

The terminal is integrated with a community-based, field-proven mission critical information system Pulse™ Core. Complemented with the mobile application Pulse™ Reporter, Pulse™ EcoSystem allows reliable and secure sharing of commands, positions, visual and sensor data during a mission.


  • Light-weight, easily transportable system
  • Pre-configured “out of the box” network and access control
  • Cost-efficient communication terminal for relief or network backup
  • System convertible with rack integration
  • Security concepts to protect sensitive data and service

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Luxembourg
www. .lu

Supported Use Cases


work in a well-defined and physically confined geographical area, e.g. a refugee or resettlement camp, a work compound, or a staff accommodation complex. All users must have a two-way (up/down) data connectivity service to their mobile device irrespective of their location in the geographical area or time of day. Number of users between 5 up to many hundreds. At least 1 square kilometre camp size.

Related CM functions

Lone Vehicle

While on mission a vehicle with several drives through a remote area (anywhere in the world) where there is no public mobile data service available. The vehicle, and each (up to 5 per car) users in and around the vehicle must have a two-way (up/down) data connectivity service to their mobile device irrespective of their location or time of day.

Related CM functions

NoSaCo Rack multi-purpose, rack-ready communication system
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