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The EPISECC Inventory is designed for the analysis of the management of selected past disasters with specific focus on interoperability and efficiency

The EPISECC project developed a pan-European inventory, which includes:

  • Past critical events, disasters and their consequence including the time dimension and the given in terms of means used, costs, etc.;
  • Available information about the data sets, the daily information management tools and processes, the integration into management procedures and the information systems used by first responders and police authorities in disaster and procedures;
  • Gaps and shortcoming in the current systems, services and tools
  • How crisis and management services are deployed in terms of organisational model: in-house, outsourced, etc., and how each approach affects the service.


Supported Use Cases

Identification of Crisis Management Gaps

The EPISECC inventory allows to analyse the way past disasters and other critical events were managed by applying systematic questionnaires. Based on the feedback from practitioners and other stakeholders involved in the management of past disasters existing and new Management gaps can be identified that hampered the management of past disasters.

Related CM functions

Information elements to analyse Disasters
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