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SOCRATES OC enhances analysis and decision-making capabilities by means of an improved shared situational awareness based on relevant information about the operational situation including crisis events, missions and resources.

The information is created by the or coming from external sources. The information is displayed on a Common Operational Picture (COP). SOCRATES OC enables the exchange and sharing of the information (expandable and customizable) among SOCRATES nodes and with other external systems (using existing standards like ISO's EMSI – Management Shared Information –) enabling the reporting and tracking of events and inter-organisational tasking (mission assignment) and resource management:

  • Events and their associated missions and resources are displayed in a GIS (Geographic Information System).
  • Data about them are stored in a DB fully compliant with ISO’s EMSI ( Management Shared Information).
  • These data are replicated amongst connected Socrates OC instances, which can additionally interact for tasking and resource management.

Input data format: User input, EMSI (other system/sensor), WMS, WFS

Output data format: EMSI

Supported Use Cases

UC-01 Share situational awareness amongst Operational Centers

The can be used to (automatically) collect, store and share operational information about the situation (including events, related missions and resources) and visualize this operational information in a situation map.

This way, shared situational awareness amongst Operations Centres is improved so that crisis managers and incident commanders can make better-informed decisions based on the current operational situation.

Related CM functions

UC-02 Monitoring of resources

The can be used to monitor resources (including their status and positions) and check their availability and request them to other nodes in the CM network. This way, resources can be more efficiently allocated to missions and events and the existing needs can be more reliably and efficiently determined and satisfied.

Related CM functions

UC-03 Create and assign missions

The can be used to create own missions and monitor their progress, and assign missions to other nodes in the CM network. This way, several OCs can contribute in a coordinated way to the joint Management effort.

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