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Wildfire management solution based on aerial system solution, data processing and resources management

ARGUS is a system which includes airborne acquisition of multi-sensor image data and rapid mapping capabilities. It thus can provide flexible and significant support in case of situations and assist in-situ analysis as well as management activities. The system follows the demand of teams to react quickly and efficiently when natural disasters like forest fires, flooding, earthquakes, landslides, mudflows etc. occur. It enables image acquisition in near real-time and the to receive an upto-date operational picture of the whole situation in order to increase awareness. Target groups, such as civil protection agencies, fire brigades or national defence agencies acting in support missions, require up-to-date and high quality in-situ data as well as proper analysis in order to guide and control task forces in an efficient way.

ARGUS Fire enables to support the command, control and management of units as well as resources based on a multi-layer management concept for forest fire situations. Specific modules within the ARGUS Fire  system supports an during the whole forest firefighting operation by providing resource and decision support features.

The features of ARGUS Fire are: (a) comparison of historical and current images for assessing changes, (b) presenting a common operational picture (COP), (c) text based communication with the on-board operator, (d) communication with connected operational units, (e) administration of the allocation and affinity of resources, (f) fire simulation and (g) protocol communication and task allocations during the mission.

ARGUS Fire is connected to the image data management module via a communication service to exchange information. Geo-referenced image data from the image data management module can be sent to ARGUS Fire and there visualized for the decision support. The communication service also serves as the communication interface to mobile units on the ground and on aerial vehicles

Glutnest Kontrolle und Bekämpfung

Am Ende der Bekämpfung der Waldbrandsituation müssen die Glutnester speziell bekämpft werden um eine entgültige Brandaus Situation zu generieren. Danach beginnt die Brandwache als eigene Phase einer Waldbrandbekämpfung
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