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A dynamic tool regarding multiple hazard scenarios simulation for the training civil protection actors

Building was developed in the frame of the H2020 IN-PREP project (An INtegrated next generation programme for improving effective inter-organisational capacity in complex environments of disasters and causes of crises).  The goal of the IN-PREP Scenario Building Tool is to help managers practice strategic decion making in transboundary crises. The tool focuses in the the transboundary crisis preparedness. Users are allowed to make a plan, create a scenario with various critical incidents, define testing criteria, execute, asses their level and adapt. The Scenario Building Tool can be static (which consists of combing different elements such as hazards, actors, assets, pre-set of behaviours and event sequence) or dynamic (where the scenario runs by animating links between comprising elements). Users can use both real and simulated data in concetrated or dispersed geographic areas, and adjust the scenario creating alternative evolutions. 

In order to better understand its usage please view the on line demonstration available in YouTube:



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