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CrisisHub is a web-based crisis management tool designed to assist (teams of) strategic advisors before and during a crisis

CrisisHub ( helps the support teams at the strategic level to help fulfil strategic crisis tasks: sense-making, decision-making and coordination. CrisisHub is designed to facilitate the following tasks:

  • Alertation of the strategic teams using SMS and/or e-mail.
  • Information sharing: CrisisHub allows the user to create information categories, which help teams to organize information quickly and effectively. CrisisHub produces automatic situation reports, based on these information categories that are created by the user.
  • Decision support: CrisisHub offers guidance for the strategic level through distilling critical tasks from a plan. This will keep the strategic level focussed on their tasks without sliding into an operational mind-set.
  • Implementation dashboard: the CrisisHub allows support teams to keep track of the progress made in the implementation of key decisions.
  • Planning wizard: the CrisisHub offers a menu-driven way to create smart plans and checklists for the strategic level.
CrisisHub: Decision support and implementation dashboard