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The city management portal is specially designed for routine management of city operations as well as large-scale events and crisis situations.

City departments and agencies, transport operators, event organisers and other stakeholders in different places can share information securely, organise tasks and coordinate their operations in easy-to-use collaborative workspaces.

Operators have immediate access to reliable, multi-source information, including action plans, secure documents and on-the-spot information from citizens and agency field staff. The smart map display, with clear symbology overlays and colour-coding, provides a comprehensive city-wide overview of the situation, making it easier to monitor operations and make timely, well-informed decisions.

The collaborative platform also supports new tools created by operators — situation reports, guidelines, task sheets and checklists, scenarios, etc. — to help anticipate incidents ahead of time and manage unexpected situations.

Manage a sport event

During the preparation of a cycling competition the locations of the involved security forces are set-up.

Various entities are involved in the management of big sport events.

City Management Portal enables the manager of the event ensure that all stakeholders have the same information at all times.

It covers the planning phase with its content management system.

It provides the common operating picture during the event.

It also provides data valuable in order to build the post-mortem of the event.

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