The primary function of the PoS is to document all the relevant available solutions of crisis management across Europe in such a way that different stakeholders can easily use this information. It should also propose a "marketplace" where owners can discover relevant solutions for their Trials.

It is our ambition to link the PoS Solutions automatically with the Projects Explorer of the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre.

Furthermore, any interested third party is welcome to syndicate parts of the PoS content under the terms of the Creative Commony Attribution 4.0 International license.

The PoS aims to provide a shared place where stakeholders meet around a solution. On the one hand, either practitioners (e.g. CM professionals) are looking for solutions that achieve CM Functions or they want to evaluate the adequacy of solutions and CM functions during a Trial. On the other hand, solution providers aim at developing their solution(s) based on tools and methods.

The PoS supports the following functions:

  • Description of solutions and elements, and the relation between them.
  • Linking of Solutions with CM functions and other relevant taxonomies for easier discovery
  • Advertising the relevant Solutions to trial owners (in progress)
  • Linking the similar Solutions as a complement to search


Bellow is a short presentation on how to add your Solution to the PoS