Manage infrastructure recovery

<p>Manage infrastructure recovery by performing the following functions:</p>


<p>a.???? Coordinate and conduct comprehensive interagency and publicpri_vate reconstruction and rehabilitation needs assessment.</p>

<p>b.???? Develop prioritised policy, plans, and programmes for infrastructure recov_ery.</p>

<p>c.???? Mobilise public, private, and international resources for infrastructure re_covery programmes.</p>

<p>d.???? Establish special legal norms and financial mechanisms to support individ_ual and business infrastructure reconstruction.</p>

<p>e.???? Coordinate the rehabilitation of buildings and transportation infrastruc_ture.</p>

<p>f.????? Provide governmental engineering services and other support to local au_thorities for public works and reconstruction of infrastructure.</p>

<p>g.???? Integrate state, local, and private efforts in infrastructure recovery.</p>