PROCeed Laboratory is a web-based analytical application for exercising crisis management and response. It uses simulation models representing the crisis scenarios to support decision makers and commanders of first responders like fire fighters, police, health protection services, in choosing the best solutions. This is possible thanks to the possible threats and the course of events that may happen as their consequences simulation. The simulation is based on predefined cause-effect rules. Users may encounter various classes of problems e.g.: traffic restrictions, hospitals overloading, infrastructure damages, electric outages, etc. 
Thanks to PROCeed Laboratory the commanders are able to:
•    identify the area at risk and threatened critical infrastructure,
•    assess the impact of materialised threat onto the critical infrastructure elements,
•    recognise the interdependencies among them,
•    get insight into the possible courses of action. 
PROCeed Laboratory improves commanders’ critical situations awareness. It keeps them updated with current situation and gives them a clue how it may evolve in future. However, the most important function it that the PROCeed Lab shows how the future course of action may be influenced by commanders’ decisions.

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