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 PROCeed is a computer system which prepares its users for proper decision-making in crisis situations. It enables creating and running all kinds of simulation applications and can be used as an interactive decision-making training game, as well as a tool for multi-variant analysis. Implementation of simulation techniques enables accurate modeling of the actual emergency proceedings by providing all the necessary roles, flashpoints, events, physical objects, or the environment. While observing dynamically changing situation, application users can influence on the other users engagement and make various decisions affecting future course of events. Training and analysis carried out in the real world are the best solution, however they consume time and tend to be very expensive, particularly in terms of necessary repetition. Therefore, acting in simulated conditions is the optimal way of training and analysis of crisis situations. Within the costructed environment training and analysis are based on the fulfiling tasks in real-like conditions, using appropriate methods and tools, observing the consequences of one’s decisions and trying to assess the undertaken actions. Due to the high degree of repeatability and interactive features of training and analysis within the PROCeed system, it is possible to significantly reduce costs and increase effectiveness of the coaching process. In addition, this type of training and analysis can be provided more often and may consider wider range of possible options.

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