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Trial type

The Trial demonstrates the potential interest of a more integrated high-level Crisis Management (CM) system in the European Union (EU), partly in cross-border contexts in term of improved situation assessment, coordination, resource pooling & sharing, and cross border cooperation.

The Trial itself also serves as a demonstration of a Common Operational Picture (COP) approach potential at the European level. To achieve this, solutions enhancing joint COP production and usage for improved interoperability between agencies should be tested in the field.

This Trial is organized as a combination of a table top exercise and a field exercise:

  • The first part (May 23, 2018 – Wednesday) - a table-top exercise based on a test bed located in SGSP’s premises.
  • The second part (May 24, 2018 – Thursday) – parallel, logically combined, table-top and full-scale field exercise.
Crisis Cycle Phase
Crisis size
Real world location or locations of the trial
DRIVER+ Trial 1 - Poland