Operating sites. Source: EPISECC, Deliverable D6.2. - Proof of Concept Implementation, page 18 , Evaluation methodologies used in the Proof of Concept , CIS prototype participiants; types of shared information , CIS component Diagram , CIS Admin GUI

At the Civil Protection Center in Palmanova, Italy, the research project EPISECC* , funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7, demonstrated innovative information technology to enable interoperability between public safety agencies. 

Fireman at work

The Trial 2 general purpose is to improve cooperation and coordination between different organizations and agencies from different countries, using innovative solutions for large scale and complex (multi-event) crisis. In particular, the French Trial seeks:

Austria , Earthquake

The main objective of Trial 3 is to find solutions overcoming shortcomings and limitations in the management and monitoring of spontaneous as well as affiliated volunteers on the crises scene in terms of location, tasking, c

Trial 1 location is planned in the Main School of Fire Service (Polish abbreviation - SGSP/ English abbreviation - MSFS)

The Trial demonstrates the potential interest of a more integrated high-level Crisis Management (CM) system in the European Union (EU), partly in cross-border contexts in term of improved situation assessment, coordination, resource pooling & sharing, and cross border coop

Flood scenario in The Hague

The trial "The Netherlands" takes place in The Hague and focuses on a flood scenario affecting part of the Safety Region Haaglanden and about 500,000 people.