There are three DRIVER+ performance measurement dimensions to be considered during Trials: the Trial dimension, the Solution dimension and – as the core dimension – the CM dimension. The three performance measurement dimensions are explained below:

  • The Trial dimension covers the perspective of the Trial owner and measures all relevant data related to the pre-defined Trial objectives.

As an example, in the context of spontaneous volunteer management, a Trial could investigate the question as to how many voluntary participants can be motivated to join a Trial in order to fill sandbags needed to build a dike (Key Performance Indicator -KPI- could be: “participating volunteers/required volunteers” or “participating volunteer profile/representative volunteer profiles”).

  • The CM dimension is the key performance measurement area. The identification of CM objectives, described as mission objectives, is the foremost place to indicate whether a change of a process, the application of a new technology or a training module has an impact on the CM performance. Besides, the CM objectives need to be understood as the determining element of experiment objectives and the decision support objectives. Due to the different relief situations, stakeholders and time horizons the measurement objects vary in terms of specific roles, tasks, and processes. The question if a particular performance is effective or not can only be evaluated once the involved actors including their responsibilities and practices are defined.

In the context of a chemical spill, one exemplary KPI can be derived from the major objectives targeting the evacuation of affected population (e.g. “number of evacuated persons/number of persons to be evacuated”).

  • Finally, the Solutions dimension must be measured in order to learn whether a particular solution (e.g. a piece of technology or a new process) has the potential to drive innovation in CM.

In the presented example, it could be a solution supporting evacuation tasks through the interaction with citizens; here, one solution function could be to identify the location of evacuees through the application of drones (one related KPI could be “time to locate evacuees with a drone/time to locate evacuees without a drone”).

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