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In disaster situations, the functioning telecom networks are of vital importance. Loss of telecommunications can completely paralyze rescue operations. However, it happens many times in crisis situation that even dedicated public safety networks (radio TETRA, DMR, PMR, LTE, GSM…) fail.

APM-40 allows for a rapid deployment of a comprehensive voice communication network in disaster affected areas even when all other telecommunications infrastructure (telecom networks, dedicated public safety networks , electricity) is down. The APM-40 network is energetically autonomous so the participants do not have to worry about powering of the network.

The system supports many “Command, Control and Coordination" (C3) dedicated functionalities like: Selective Call, Conference Call, Priority Call, Priority Conference, Broadcast Call, Call Forward, Call Back….

APM-40 system solution will contribute a means for reliable and autonomous communications between participants in the management of crisis situation even when all other telecommunications systems fail.

Up to 40 muxed field telephone terminals may be connected along 14 km of field wire, each one with his own ID which is used for dialling. System is stand alone and energetically autonomous for 8 weeks of operation. Supports 7 simultaneous duplex calls, confrence calls, broadcast call etc, everything for effcient Command Control and Coordination. It can interface also to other networks.
APM-40 muxed field telephone terminal has embeded also full PBX functionality, which means that the system works without any central unit (PBX, Central Battery). The housing is from very robust polycarbonate and is IP67 certified.
For storage and deployment of APM-40 field telephone system all necessary accessories are available, including storage boxes, wire drums, wire dispensers and custom made trailers.
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