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​​​​​​Prevent flooding in all circumstances

Water-Gate© is a flexible emergency flood dam that harnesses the power of floodwater or firewater to automatically fill, unfold and stabilise itself.

Water-Gate© is a very effective and safe form of emergency protection:

  • Water-Gate can instantly replace thousands of sandbags
  • Water-Gate remains stable regardless of its length, the direction of the current, and the gradient of the surface

Water-Gate©can retain thousands of cubic metres of water without anchorage!

The design of the Water-Gate mobile anti-flood dam, with a height to ground depth ratio of 1:4 (1:3 for the WS urban range) guarantees perfect stability and grip on any kind of surface, regardless of the height of the protection.

Water-Gate© in action to contain a stormy river
Water-Gate© can be bend in every direction and retain flood up to 2 meters high
Water-Gate© can retain thousands of cubic metres of water without anchorage!
Water-Gate© dams are supplied in made-to-measure rapid deployment boxes
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