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Karolina Pieniowska Solution owner, Contact

Solution owner and primary contact


PROCeed Laboratory supports decision makers in choosing the best solutions by simulating the consequences of decisions and events that are based on predefined cause-effect rules. PROCeed Laboratory makes it possible for commanders to (1) identify the area at risk and threatened critical infrastructure, (2) assess the impact of materialised threat onto the critical infrastructure elements, (3) recognise the interdependencies among them, (4) get insight into the possible courses of action. The most important function it that the PROCeed Lab shows how the future course of action may be influenced by commanders’ decisions.  
PROCeed Laboratory can be applied for mission planning during the response phase of a crisis. At that stage it can help commanders (or other decision makers) solve many expected dilemmas e.g. establishing priorities of actions, choosing the way of dispatching the limited resources, selecting more efficient procedure of action.

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