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Jean-Benoît BONNE Solution owner, Contact

Solution owner and primary contact


Since 2008, inside Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Labs of THALES, a Crowd
Simulation engine, called SE-Star, has been designed. It is a life simulator managing: internal
variables, motivations & emotions, stimuli, personality and behaviors. SE-Star uses a Biomimetic
control architecture based on navigation (Hippocampus), action selection (Basal ganglia) and
planning (Frontal cortex). Use-cases are: design of critical infrastructures and business processes,
supervision (video & crowd) operators’ training, data generation for deep neural networks training
(video & dataset generation), decision support, what-if scenario exploration and collaborative
systems testbed. SE-Star can provide information from high level (density, alarms and situation
reports) to low level (individual’s information, devices’ status). It can simulate between 5000 and
10000 peoples on one computer in real time and can work in distributed mode pushing limits
(tested with 80000 peoples on 10 IntelTM NUC computers). SE-Star has been used in the EU
projects (Opti-Alert, SECURE-Ed, iCore) and in THALES projects covering airports (Pisa), train
stations (Gare du Nord) or crowded places (Mecca). Easily extendable, it has been connected to
real systems (crowd monitoring, airport supervision) using standard interfaces and protocols

Gare du Nord - Evacuation
Parc des Princes - Arrival of supporters
New York - automatic simulation generation from OSM
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