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With XVR Crisis Media you can train how to manage and monitor communication from news media, social media and internal communication sources in a crisis situation. Participants can vary from incident commanders to crisis teams and will be faced with a flow of information and communication injects through the simulation of realistic communication media.

Instructors and exercise staff can prepare numerous types of fictive, controlled communication channels (e.g. a news channel or news paper, social media channels, e-mail, chat applications and crisis management systems) and make them look like the channels in the real world (e.g. CM social media looks like the real social media). These media can be prefilled with messages, images, videos and files available at the start of the exercise and with content that becomes available to participants during the exercise. With a simple unhide action, or by starting advanced storyline events, these instructors control duriong the exercise when this information becomes available. Of course, instructors and role-players can also add new messages and visualsduring the conduct of the exercise. Furthermore, exercise staff have full control over the advancement of time during the exercise (e.g. pause or fast-forward).

Instructors set which participants have access to which media. Thereby simulating a difference in information positions between participants (e.g. Police has more information available only to them). Using these media, participants should anaylse the information available to them and use these channels to communicate with each other and to the outside world.

XVR Crisis Media in use in an emergency management exercise
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