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Andrea Kasztler Solution owner, Contact

Solution owner and primary contact


The Rumor Debunker offers a solution for internet news analytics. It is developed to counteract mis- or disinformation campaigns. Rumor Debunker can help to promote the capability to efficiently tackle crisis in large scale, long-term manmade disasters. It covers all phases of crisis management by preparing reliable data sets of media communication for unexpected events.

By pointing out actual trends Rumor Debunker allows crisis and disaster managers to discover relevant information from internet news for their operational responsibility. Therefore, Rumor Debunker offers

  • a solution to debunk deception and rumors in social media;
  • users a platform to get an insight on how media data is present in digital media and
  • a new approach to analyzing and evaluating relevant information/network communication in crisis situations
    • like motivation behind disinformation campaigns or
    • first source and multiplicator source




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