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Georg Neubauer Solution team, Contact


Kutschera Peter Solution owner, Contact

Main EMT developer and primary contact


EMT faciliates seamless exchange of information for stakeholders in the crisis management.

Information is presented to the EMT users in the most suitable and comfortable way, taking into account their background and role in the crisis management. This is accomplished by a user domain tailored message representation. Each user organisation can see the same data in its usual working environment, e.g. using their specific icons, colours, and textual representation.

By closing the information gap EMT enables an efficient management of a crisis, even in ad-hoc multi-organisational and multilingual settings.

  • EMT is not meant to be a full and complex COP tool, that can only be used by specialists and require extended training. It is designed for simple usage by everyone.
  • EMT is accessed using a web browser and requires no local installation.
  • Local installations can be provided and configured to exchange information with other EMT instances if needed for redundancy and to overcome internet outages.

EMT provides a multi-user web  interface that can be configured to present crises relevant information to users in their own language and using the users' domain specific textual representation, text-colours, icons, map features, etc., while filtering out information that is of no concern to them. Information that is typically shared through EMT includes the number, type, location and status of available resources, sensor values, hazard areas, alerts, commands sent and fulfilled and situation reports. Also references to external data like photos or map layers can be handled.

EMT users can enter information into the system in their own language. This information is translated on the fly and shared with other users. Translation relies on predefined "message templates"  consisting of predefined text that can be translated but also variables that users can enter on the fly and that are forwarded "as is"  to other users.

Water levels with treshold exceedances
Simulated problem areas identified in SAT images and verified by volunteers
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