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Name Role About
Denis Havlik Solution team, Contact

Initiated the CrowdTasker development, not actively involved anymore. 

Coordinator of the Pos/GT site development, mainly using the CrowdTasker to test the site functionality. 

Sebastian Sippl Solution owner, Contact

solution owner


CrowdTasker enables crisis managers to instruct large numbers of non-institutional (either spontaneous or pre-registered) volunteers with customizable tasks, contextual information, warnings and alerts, as well as to crowdsource information from them.

The received feedback is evaluated and visualized and provides crisis managers with a detailed overview of the situation, which is used in turn to trigger adequate disaster relief services.

When working with the volunteers that are already at a disaster site CrowdTasker allows the crisis managers to:

  • Dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to exchange information with these volunteers;
  • Differentiate between the volunteers based on their profiles (e.g. skills, health) and positions
  • Address the people that potentially possess local knowledge;
  • Alleviate the workload for emergency and response organizations;
Trial reference
CrowdTasker situation overview
CrowdTasker Business Process
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