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Michael Middelhoff Solution owner, Contact

Solution owner and main contact.


GDACSmobile is a support platform for collecting and sharing situational awareness information. It aims to serve two main target groups with different rights and roles: people concerned with disaster relief and the (affected) population itself. In case of a major sudden-onset disaster, the application enables volunteers and crisis commanders to share relevant information and, therefore, create a better situational awareness, which is crucial for situation assessment and effective disaster response.

The main goal of the solution is supported by establishing an additional open communication channel between the affected population and responder organizations. Public users, who do not need to register and stay anonymous, can provide short observation reports on damages, supply needs or available resources, which are subsequently collected and reviewed by a control team. Special report templates can be predefined and adapted to the information needs of each category. The author can categorize the report according to its topic and provide additional information like geo-location, images etc.

Registered responders can validate and publish these reports or add supporting information (evacuation points, shelter locations and others). In order to control the information flow and to ensure quality management on the collected data, a central server interface manages a review process for each observation. Thereby, professionals and trusted informed reviewers can decide on the validity of the information and set the visibility for each target group.

GDACSmobile is linked to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS). The development was motivated together with the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the EU Commission.

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