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Harald Skinnemoen Solution owner, Contact

CEO and Founder of AnsuR


UAV-ASIGN is a software solution that helps reduce emergency and disaster response time by collecting and sending UAV photos and videos while in-flight even through low or constrained bandwidths.

When UAV pilots embark on a time-critical mission, the communication of UAV photo and video contents may be urgent in that the observations can influence decisions and the efficiency of the mission. In emergency situations however, one may be confronted by unreliable communication networks whose low bandwidth significantly slows or hinders data transmission. Difficulties in getting crucial imagery out of the field not only affects overall situational awareness and decision making but can also prevent expert feedback needed to guide UAV pilots in the collection of specific observations.

With these challenges in mind, AnsuR has developed UAV-ASIGN, a mobile application and companion to the ASIGN server. UAV-ASIGN enables pilots to, through their smartphone, capture precise geo-tagged visual UAV contents and then communicate it in real-time with relevant parties all while in-flight.

Given the low bandwidth which may be available in the field, UAV-ASIGN has been developed to work anywhere, anytime, through limited networks and satellite communication to reliably support time-critical activities including post-disaster interventions or search & rescue missions.

UAV-ASIGN allows for interactive communication by sending imagery previews up to 100x faster than traditional methods. Remote experts or clients can then pull relevant imagery in full precision with the ASIGN software server, which can be accessed from any web browser, and communicate needs in real-time. This enables a continuous feedback loop between the pilot flying the UAV in the field and an expert who may be hundreds of kilometres away.

Streamlining communication between UAV pilot and remote expert results in a faster and more efficient mission completion. For the client, receiving precise information in near real-time allows for better oversight and resource allocation, while shortening response time.

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Enabling reliable UAV photo and video communication while in-flight through the UAV-ASIGN application
The ASIGN Online Server can be accessed through any web browser to create and manage users, missions and assessment forms as well as manage and analyze the incoming data.
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