SOCRATES OC enhances analysis and decision-making capabilities by means of an improved shared situational awareness based on relevant information about the operational situation including crisis events, missions and resources, created by the operator or coming from external sources. The information is displayed on a Common Operational Picture (COP). SOCRATES OC enables the exchange and sharing of the information (expandable and customizable) among SOCRATES nodes and with other external systems (using existing standards like ISO's EMSI – Emergency Management Shared Information –) enabling the reporting and tracking of events and inter-organisational tasking (mission assignment) and resource management:

  • Events and their associated missions and resources are displayed in a GIS (Geographic Information System).
  • Data about them are stored in a DB fully compliant with ISO’s EMSI (Emergency Management Shared Information).
  • These data are replicated amongst connected Socrates OC instances, which can additionally interact for tasking and resource management.

Input data format:

User input
EMSI (other system/sensor)
Other SOCRATES OC node

Output data format:

Socrates OC UI
Socrates OC in DRIVER+'s Trial 1