LifeX COP is a web-centric multi-user Solution developed by Frequentis to address the lack of a Common Operational Picture in the field of Crisis Management. LifeX COP is able to collect information from various data sources (static or dynamic) and present them in a map-centric user interface.

This information can be grouped in layers which can be arranged to improve the visibility of the data. Additionally, information can be filtered so non-interesting data can be hidden from the user view. LifeX COP enables each user to add comments in a logbook that can be reviewed at any time.  Information is presented both in a map view and list view. In terms of visual design, the graphic user interface is very dynamic allowing the user to decouple windows (map, logbook and list) to be arranged in a multi-monitor operation center.  Technically, the LifeX COP handles the following formats input formats:

Crisis size