The primary function of the PoS is to document all the relevant available solutions of crisis management across Europe in such a way that different stakeholders can easily use this information. It should also propose a "marketplace" where Trial owners can discover relevant solutions for their Trials.

The PoS aims to provide a shared place where stakeholders meet around a solution. On the one hand, either practitioners (e.g. CM professionals) are looking for solutions that achieve CM Functions or they want to evaluate the adequacy of solutions and CM functions during a Trial. On the other hand, solution providers’ aim at developing their solution(s) based on tools and methods.

The PoS supports the following functions:

Help users share their understanding of crisis management, e.g. through the use of a shared vocabulary and predefined taxonomies.
Allow the description of solutions and Test-bed elements, and the relation between them. Solution providers will, through the PoS, be able to describe their element and to link it with CM functions and/or gaps.